Terms and conditions of machine sales

Any delivery note or invoice signed by the customer or its authorized representative, agent and held by First Pack shall be proof that goods were received in good order and that delivery was made to the customer.

Ownership in all goods sold and delivered customers  shall remain vested in First Pack until the full purchase price has been paid and First Pack shall be entitled to take possession of such  goods in the event of  breach of contract through non- payment.


Replacement of equipment (DOA) is only done on equipment returned within two working days after purchase, otherwise the equipment will be covered under warranty.

As far as the law allows, we will not be responsible for the following: (a) loss of income, profits (actual or anticipated), and contracts or for any other business related loss; (b) indirect or consequential loss or damage howsoever caused.

Repair service may be delayed when performed outside of the original country of purchase because the product is not yet sold in that country or sold in a country-specific design. Accordingly, sometimes you have to wait for the spares to be shipped in, which may take days, weeks or months.


Goods may be guaranteed under the manufacturer’s product specific warranties only and all other guarantees and warranties including common law guarantees are hereby specifically excluded by First Pack.

If goods supplied in any way have a manufacturer’s defect, the customer shall be entitled within one year of the delivery to have the product repaired to eliminate any defect in workmanship or materials found.

First Pack on behalf of manufacturers warrants this Product (excluding accessories, software, consumables such as, toner, ink sheets, paper and other consumables defined by FP) to be in good working order during the period of warranty. The period of warranty is the period stated on your warranty form and commences on the date of purchase of the Product. In the event that the Product is not in good working order First Pack will provide, during the warranty period, a free service through the manufacturer.

The Warranty will not apply on any condition arising from the following conditions: 

(a)Failure to use, store  or handled the Product properly; or because you are in breach of the terms of this warranty or the Contract terms, or have not followed Our   instructions in  the  product manual, or those of the manufacturer; or because of damage or defect was  due to wilful neglect or negligence by anyone other than Us;

(b) Loss of quality, degradation of performance or actual damage that  arises from the use of spare parts or other replaceable items (such as consumables) that are neither made nor recommended by the manufacturer or First Pack;

(c) Loss of quality, degradation of performance or damage that  arises  from faulty (wrong) installation of, damage to, or modification to the Product and/or Software by someone else other than Our representatives or because of damage that results from changes required by you or a Third Party;

(d) Damage that result from your connection of other fittings or accessories to the Product which we have not approved or your connection of other equipment or software not approved by the manufacturer or us;

(e) External causes outside our control which shall include accident, fire disaster or burglary;

(f) Faults caused by shock or fall, sand, dust, dirt, damp or corrosion, leaky batteries, repair or cleaning by unauthorized personnel;

(g) Any malfunction or specific requirement of any other item of hardware, or software which you have linked to the Product in respect of items not included in the Contract;

(h)Correction   errors in any non-manufacturer’s proprietary software or other software not provided by the manufacturer or us;

(i) Loss or damage of data.

(j) Damage caused by your attachment of the Product to a network not approved by us or because you have made changes to your Operating or Network system in a manner not approved by the manufacturer or us;

(k) Failure to install any error correction that we issue for the software or have otherwise not followed our reasonable instructions or advice.

(l) Replacement of equipment (DOA) is only done on equipment returned within two working days after purchase.

(m) Warranty only covers faults that require hardware component replacement if it is a machine service the job is charged and all faults that requires servicing only is not covered by warranty.

(n) Fault resulting from manufacturers latent defects are covered by warranty otherwise faults due to electric shock, power outages, liquid spillage, food staffs and any other foreign objects involvement is not covered by warranty.

(o) Software installations including reloading, recovery of operating system is not covered by warranty and we are not liable for any loss of data, make sure you backup your data before you bring your equipment for repairs and service. Warranty replaced Hard Drives won’t have software installed, that’s clients responsibility.

(p) Warranty on machinery is 12months unless stated otherwise e.g. photocopiers, CD printers, photo printers and heavy duty printers where warranty is based on the number of copies printed and not on the time frame covered.

(q) Batteries and power packs are not covered by warranty.

For validity, guarantee/warranty claims must be supported by the original tax invoice and the goods should be in their original packaging and must be accompanied by all accessories and manuals must be intact. All items must be returned in as new condition.

The customer indemnifies and holds First Pack including its employees harmless against all claims of whatsoever nature that may bring or threatened against First Pack by any third party arising from or in connection with any defect of goods supplied by First Pack.

The signatory warrants that he is duly authorized to represent and bind the customer to this agreement and that he has read and understood the each term and condition of this agreement and accepts them as binding on him and the customer. The customer hereby warrants and that it regards the terms and conditions of this agreement as binding upon it.

Thank you for purchasing this product from First Pack.