October 14, 2021

Article by: Mr. Nyamarebvu. M (First Pack Marketing’s Epson Business Development Officer)

Unified Communications (UC) can transform meeting rooms into efficient collaboration spaces. However, when not used to its full potential, UC can cost more time and money than it saves. This article presents solutions that will help you understand how to overcome the most common issues – incompatibility, high cost, and a complicated user interface – to increase collaboration and productivity across businesses of all sizes.  

The answer to the problem is clear, and it is available today. Compatible with all existing UC platforms and video conferencing software, Epson’s solutions facilitate video conferencing in meeting rooms of all sizes by building the much-needed bridge between users and UC. Combining an interactive whiteboard, projector, and video conference system, Epson’s Interactive projectors series represents an investment with plenty of practical daily application, maximising ROI without the restrictions of interoperability or a complicated interface. Epson’s Interactive projection system series is designed for businesses wishing to extend video meetings beyond the boardroom – scalable enough for use by every employee in every meeting space.

One organisation putting Epson’s collaboration solutions into practice is consumer-centric IT business Cloudamour, who has created a ‘customer immersion experience’ around an Epson EB-1430Wi system – one that is affordable, and can be placed anywhere in a business to feel the benefits. “The EB-1430Wi is a great solution because it allows us to use the meeting room to full effect, without the need for a lot of additional kit,” said Mitchell Feldman, Cloudamour’s CEO and founder.

“The cost of this technology means that it is now accessible to all of our customers,” he continues, reaffirming the importance of a meeting solution that is affordable enough to be used beyond corporate boardrooms. “The ability to use the solution in multiple areas of their business to help drive a collaborative culture is a really attractive proposition for small businesses and at a fraction of the cost of traditional meeting room solutions.

Whether at the office or working remotely, keeping up momentum on the development of important projects and the creation of collaborative content is critical. With access to an Epson system, users can remotely annotate, edit and discuss the same content as their colleagues, and even use a wide range of existing business and consumer apps through the solution – all while connected via video conference through one affordable, scalable device. And according to Cloudamour, 87% of video conferencing users said Epson’s solutions made them feel more connected to their collaborative teams and colleagues.

As UC spreads to organisations of every size around the world, a solution that connects them all is paramount – Epson’s Interactive projection series solves the key problems that turn many companies off the idea of a full system. By lowering costs, enhancing productivity, and easily keeping companies and colleagues connected, Epson’s collaborative meeting solutions support the existing and future applications that are critical to a continually growing business.

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