October 14, 2021

Article by: Mr. Nyamarebvu. M (First Pack Marketing’s Epson Business Development Officer)

The Hero always, in every sense of the word, SAVES the day. Absolutely fantastic news for all big corporates, entrepreneurs and individuals looking to make informed value-for-money smart investment decisions in purchasing basic office-printing equipment at ZIFT this year!  What a true sigh of relief to be able to remarkably save hundreds of dollars at the same time getting to enjoy the service of a high quality branded product. Cartridge-free printing is the new normal, stop wasting your hard earned money and take the best course of action. Embrace the new cost saving office printing technology offered by Epson printers! Let’s walk through the financial benefits of investing in the hero product of the month, the Epson L3150 printer.

The 3-in-1 Epson L3150 Eco-Tank printer features a striking control panel and can reduce ink costs by 90% on average. With its enhanced ink filling system and new ink bottles engineered to minimise the risk of spills, this compact model proves a reliable and easy-to-use solution for basic printing. Let’s explore the benefits with an in-depth analysis. The L3150 Epson printer, gives you an extremely low cost per page printed advantage. It produces up to 8,100 pages in black and 6,500 in colour with the included ink.

Three whole years that’s how long you could go without buying more ink for the L3150! 3 years’ worth of ink based on average monthly print volumes of 225 pages for Eco Tank home and office printers and 40 photos for Eco Tank photo printers. Calculations are based on the lowest included black ink bottle page yield for home and office printers and on the lowest included photo page yield for photo printer.

This means it can save you up to 90% on the cost of ink  based on the average number of cartridges required/savings achieved printing the same number of pages using the ink bottles included within the Eco Tank range (except L805, L810, L850, L7160), L7180, excluding hardware price. This comparison is made on the average of the A4 Eco-Tank range versus the average of the top 10 best-selling models in Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East & Africa, in the period April 2017 – March 2018, as tracked by IDC EMEA Hardcopy Tracker (Data Q1 2018), IDC EMEA HCP Consumables Tracker (Data H2 2017). Printing costs calculated on the proportion of Standard and XL cartridges as tracked by IDC for the same reference period for the Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East & Africa markets.

The average selling price was calculated by dividing the revenue by the units. Ink cartridge yields as communicated by the manufacturer’s websites. So there you have it! Now is your turn to make the decision to save more with Epson printing. Be rest assured that when it comes to economic printing Epson is the way to go, the best choice in brand that gives you high quality printing, a market leading brand of innovation technologically ahead of any other competition on the market.

Visit any of our First Pack nationwide stores today and make your purchase! Otherwise, you can reach out to me by scheduling a web conferencing meeting here https://calendly.com/munyaradzi-n/epson-product-manager-meeting  (or simply scan the QR code in the picture above with your mobile device smart scanner) so we can discuss a 360 degrees approach to revamping all your office/business printing needs through our EPSON printing products range.

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