October 14, 2021

Article by: Mr. Nyamarebvu. M (First Pack Marketing’s Epson Business Development Officer)

Where to start in implementing the right technology for your POS equipment? , we recommend EPSON’s POS printers. Epson is Europe’s number one POS printer manufacturer so we guarantee you peace of mind when using the most trusted, most sourced after brand for all your POS printing requirements.  

We need not say much about our global market share, we’ll simply give you a task. Anytime you visit the next store be it a small retail outlet to the biggest chain stores and or corporates, just look around the point of sale area……we guarantee you that 80% of the time, you will see an Epson POS printer.. Let us walk you through some of the features, benefits and target market of some of our bestselling Epson POS printer models. With our variety of robust POS printers, we got you covered.

The TMT20 entry-level thermal POS receipt printer provides a cost-effective POS solution with fast print speeds and economical features. The combination of its fast print speeds, high reliability and economical operation, makes this printer a must-have for small retail and speciality stores, hospitality venues and grocery stores. If you are a small business and looking for a networkable solution for fiscal receipt printing within this range then look no further, the Epson TMT20 Ethernet model, an upgrade from the TMT20 USB + Serial connections version will give you the absolute solution that you need.

With a print speed of 250mm/sec you can save time and its competitive price and running costs can save you money; ideal for when you need to beat queues quickly. In addition, for just a little more investment, with the optional external buzzer and a wireless LAN external dongle (for the USB version) the possibilities are endless. Specifications for the TMT20 USB + Serial include; print speed of 250mm/s, a reliability of 60.000.000 MCBF (Lines), 360.000 MTBF (Hours), an auto cutter life of 1.500.000 cuts, a printer life of 15.000.000 lines and a print head life of 150km – 150.000.000 pulses and an interface of RS-232, USB 2.0 Type B, Drawer kick out whilst specifications for the TM-T20 Ethernet printer are the same with the only difference found on the interface. The TMT20 Ethernet model features the Ethernet interface (100base-TX/ 10 base-T), Drawer kick out.

A more robust, more streamlined series is the TMT-88V and TMT-88V1 thermal POS receipt printers. The next recommendable series for corporates who are looking for a second best option from the entry level TM-T20 model/s.  The TM-T88V is a true breakthrough in the development of POS receipt printers, and the results are better for your budget and the environment. This is most clearly demonstrated with the paper reduction function which cuts down on waste and cost.

Green credentials are further proved by this being the first thermal receipt printer to be Energy Star qualified. Specifications for this model include but not limited to; print speed of 350mm/s, a reliability of 70.000.000 MCBF (Lines), 360.000 MTBF (Hours), an auto cutter life of 2.000.000 cuts, a printer life of 20.000.000 lines and a print head life of 150km – 150.000.000 pulses and an interface of USB 2.0 Type Mini B, RS-232. A big leap of improvement of this model is the TM-T88VI printer, the more networkable version with a unique feature of mobile connectivity.

This is a versatile model designed to work with both traditional PC-based POS systems and increasingly popular web and tablet solutions. This makes it perfect for shop, bar and restaurant owners who want to develop effective new ways of interacting with customers, and also for those who just want to run a traditional or permanent combined system. As well as flexibility, the TM-T88VI gives outstanding performance, with print speeds of up to 300mm/s, and excellent reliability.

A backward paper-feeding function helps save paper without affecting performance, reducing running costs and paper waste. Server Direct Print functionality allows the TM-T88VI to print direct from a web server. It also supports beacons, to help mobile devices identify the nearest printer, making it ideal for POS environments with multiple printer installations, while NFC support makes it easy to pair tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices. The TM-T88VI has exactly the same footprint as the TM-T88V, allowing you to upgrade to a brand new system without having to rearrange your counter space, and is available in both black and white to suit any shop, bar or restaurant decor.

Last but not least is the first impact printer dot matrix model in the POS machine series by Epson. Let us introduce you to the Epson TM-U220B model. If your business needs a hard worker that is easy to use and versatile, this is the ideal impact receipt printer for you. With this 9 pin serial impact dot matrix printing technology giving you a reliability of 18.000.000 (MCBF) lines, 180.000 (MTBF) hours, an auto cutter life of 800.000 cuts and printer life of 7.500.000 lines, an interface of USB 1.1 Type B, Drawer kick out, the TM-U220B impact receipt printing model gives you a more robust print speed of 4,70 lps (40 columns, 16,00 cpi).

This model also comes with a unique 2 colour printing option which is red and black. In addition, for this model you will need to also purchase consumables, but don’t worry, they are the affordable and long lasting ERC38B and ERC38B/R cassettes. Optional accessories for this model include; a wall hanging bracket and other interface boards such as the UB-S01 (serial interface board) , UB-S09 (9 pin Serial Interface Board with DM-DUB) , P0211, UB-U02III (USB Interface with DM-D) , UB-U03II (USB interface) and the UB-E04 (10/100 Base T Ethernet IF/board) .

As consumers worldwide continue to adopt and use technology in their shopping experience faced with rising customer expectations and increasing competitive pressures, retailers now are prioritising in-store innovation too. These trends point to the necessity of offering an omnichannel shopping experience simply to remain competitive.

Those who fail to evolve risk losing business to competitors who do meet customers’ heightened expectations. Recognising this fact, retailers have begun the transformation from multichannel to omnichannel.  A true omni channel experience continues today as a slow evolution toward a more visual, functional, and connected approach across all customer touch points with the brand.

So why not go beyond basic receipt printing choices and make your purchase of Epson’s latest and more streamlined POS machine technology suited for an omnichannel shopping experience? Try out our new range of POS printers, evolve your business and achieve more sales by staying up to date with technology thus gaining competitive edge.

Visit us at any of our First Pack nationwide stores today and make your purchase! Otherwise, you can reach out to us by scheduling a web conferencing meeting here https://calendly.com/munyaradzi-n/epson-product-manager-meeting  (or simply scan the QR code in the picture above with your mobile device smart scanner) so we can discuss a 360 degrees approach to revamping all your office/business point-of-sale needs through our EPSON POS printers range.

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